"Impermanent Earth is an experimental art project that gathers memories of changing spaces across all forms of media."

A digital archive collecting personal observations of our changing world.


one of the work pieces, which belongs to "uncertain landscape" ( ungewisse Landschaft ), is now part of this project  / winter 2022, thank you !


The Makapansgat Pebble

Composition: Matts Bjolin

First International
Festival of Manuports                                             
Kohta, a privately initiated kunsthalle in Finland’s capital Helsinki, invited artists from all over the world to submit artworks for an experimental international group exhibition.
Almost 300 artists  from 35 countries on five continents have contributed contemporary manuports:

 < Manuport is the archaeological and anthropological term for “a natural object, especially a stone, that has been carried and deposited somewhere by humans but has not been artificially shaped.” The oldest such object known to us is the so-called Makapansgat pebble ..... >